9 ways to stay motivated as a blogger / writer 

 Do you feel unmotivated sometimes ?

Yeah especially when I got stuck and have a handful of ideas running through my head, but just can't come up with a blog post for the week ,                                                                                          

Sometimes I feel like I can't do anything productive, because motivation is what get you up at the morning , it's what makes you work late at Night , and also what keeps you determined and moving forward when things gets tough it always drives you towards a common Goal.

But staying motivated isn't that easy 

We always have that natural aversion to persistent efforts that no amount of caffeine or inspirational posters can fix.   

But overtime I tried to follow this steps in order find a solution to this common problem.

feel free to try them , and let me know what works well with you😇


Now I know when it comes to motivation almost what everyone would first  say is set goals, well that because everything is done with purpose and with goals you will have a direction to focus on that has a  certain point in time to end or  be completed.

2. Organize your working space.

As Humans we tend to have that Natural Aversion to persistent Efforts and without organizing your Work Space that Natural tendency seems to increase more you will feel tired ,bored  before you even write a paragraph.

Poor Organizational skills can lead to many outcomes one of which includes 'MISSED DEADLINES' which can very much affect your Smart Goals. there are some certain things that needs to be on blogger's /writer's Desk and i made a dedicated post on organizing the Bloggers Work space.

3. I always start writing 

When writing a Blog Post the introduction part seems to be the problem to most writer's,  it stops them from moving forward While in actual fact WHO said you should start from the introduction, if you really want to keep moving you better  start writing from where ever you feel the idea is coming from it might be from the bottom  or from the middle, you can always Edit later on, Who Knows your introduction might be your last ending paragraph I know many writer's may relate to this.

After all "Doing something is a lot better than not doing at all".

4.Don't be too concerned About perfection.

Everyone has something that terrifies him but to a writer or blogger Nothing put him in the 'State of mind Numbness' than the pursuit of perfection  


Quotes were made by many scientist, artist and many other peoples we usually consider as role models , and one of the quotes that usually keep me motivated is the saying of  Michael Jordan

“I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

it make me face my failures and consider it as a little bump in my road to success.

6. Listen to podcast

You will just do your best but that thing is going to strike again so Sometimes when I'm feeling lazy or just bored I listen to podcast, and one of my favorite show was "the ted talk", "This American life " and "The introvert diaries  -by Tina Leggio" , it makes me feel a lot better when i hear stories about people and how they are holding up with their lives, especially when I hear Tina Ramble on her own thoughts.

7. Make a deal with myself 

Making a deal with myself is something that I usually do, Not just for making blog post, but in Normal life, and it seems to work more than anything I could imagine, Anytime I make that deal, It sounds like I'm making a promise to myself  which made me feel accountable and really had to keep that promise.

8. I know my Goals

I usually set  goals to every blog post I made just to have something in mind as a reason for doing that blog post, like this blog post my Goals is to make you learn from me all the steps I take in motivating myself as a blogger, and Hopefully you might find something that maybe you could work on too.

9. Visit a friend

Sometimes the only way i got motivated if all else fail is by visiting  a friend, 

As I'm an introvert i usually spend my time alone , 

You what they say "Introverts a better off on their own alone " we are even more productive, and able to come up with creative ideas as we are into creative things.

But sometimes i got bored seriously , And that's when my friend came in as we share a slightly common personality as introverts we spend a quality time talking about world stuff , exploring new things and it's like an adventure to both of us.



quotes are a great source of inspiration.

Listen to podcast

Listen to podcast if you could 

Break it down

Make everything step by step 

Always start writing

As soon as an idea pop into your head always write  it down never procrastinate.


Research about the topic you want to discuss with your readers from reliable source it will increase your credibility and trust.

Make a deal with yourself.

Making a deal is not that much of a hard work.

Know your goals

Setting goal in your work sparks a littlr bit of energy to keep you going.

Visit a friend

If you are like me Visit a friend it will do you a lot.

wrapping up 

Hopefully you enjoyed this one and i would to hear what your way of motivation.

Do you visit a friend?

What podcast do you listen to ? 

I would love to hear what works with you .

Let's meet in the comments section below.

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