12 Audience Building tools : get more clients.

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Here are some of the Blogging tools that will help you build audience some of them go beyond audience Building and i have explained each and the features it come with,
There are a lot of other cool stuffs that you can do with many of them here.

Want to know some information about your website visitors Albercross blogging tool allows you to monitor and gather information about the organizations behind your website visitors including industry location ,revenue , size and even contact details.

With this kind of details you have more than enough resource to do email marketing campaigns and build more partnership.

This blogging tool help you monitor which blog post should be optimized and which topics you should be writing about ,to promote your content in targeted facebook ads, instagram ,linkedIn and google ads with its free ad tool.

it also include email marketing ,live chat , forms , reports and more. You can include CTAs to sign up for a blog newsletter.

Hubspot blogging tool or rather blogging platform integrated with it's  highly reputable marketing , sales, CRM and service tools.
with Hubspot cms you can preview your post to see how it looks on different device before you publish , personalize content based on specific criteria you have stored about your contacts, add a live chat to the front of your site and create search engine optimized content.

This Blogging tool literally scour the internet for different email addresses ,with hunter you can easily get email addresses associated with different companies as it allows you to enter a domain name of your choice and it will do all the magic and bring up a result with email addresses associated with that domain.

with its bulk feature you can upload a list of email addresses or contact for a larger scale outreach

and the best part is they have a free plan which allows their clients to make 100 searches per  month which i think is more than enough for your project .

 A landing page builder by Growthtools this blogging tool allows you to create a beautiful and elegant landing page,
 With it's easy user interface you can choose from a handful of ready-to-use templates to create an amazing landing page for your blog.

It pretty much resembles Hunter ,in hunting emails but norbert also lets you run email campaigns with an integrations with other tools like  mailchimp,hubspot and salesforce .
it also well-known for it's outstanding  lead validation strategy.

Norbert has a chrome extension which you can easily hunt for leads on the go.

Best Blogging tool to connect with influencer's or even build relationship with other bloggers in your industry.
Simply enter a topic to find the top blogs you definitely should connect with and ninja outreach will bring all the stats, traffic figures ,  seo metrics and even the contact info of people you should reach out to with your collaboration idea.
Guest posting is part of a very powerful strategy in getting back-links and more credibility,
Want to know whether a website that you follow accept a guest post ?
 well then with ninja outreach you can easily see if the target website accept guest in its features  column.

Want makes content creators love clearbit?
This particular blogging tool lets you validate and personalize your emails in confidence with its integration with Gmail once clearbit is installed you can click on a particular contact and you will instantly get a mini-dialogue box with information about  him
 like their website , company they work at and of course a short bio.

The next Blogging tool Mailerlite , is an email marketing service usually recommended for new bloggers who are just starting out and don't have that much on their list because with its free plan you can get up-to 12,000  emails per month for free and a list of 1,001 subscribers. and as your blog scales you can either switch to one of mailerlite paid plan or any other one i mention on the list.

There are many free email marketing tools available out there that you can start using if you just starting out but these tools has limitations like mailchimp you got only 2000
subscribers with it's free plan but as your business grows that wont be the best blogging tool for the growth of your email list that's where covertkit comes in handy with features like automation , segmentation , design your landing pages , automated emails ,template for your newsletters and sequences that generate more revenue they also have a plugin with wordpress which you can integrate in a minute.

Sumo blogging tool lets you activate your email subscriber form even if you don't have any coding skills you just activate the form and watch your emails list grow while you sleep.
sumo has abunch of other tools.
 like image sharer, higlighter and social sharing buttons letting your post get shared across social media
With sumo's image sharer you can give your audience the ability to share your post images on social media , much more sumo highlighter make it easier to share some part of your post by highlighting it for other readers to see and also tweet about it.

As a blogging tool optinMonster can be integrated in any of your pages their opt-in form is  smart enough to perfectly blend in with you blog layout, it also comes as a wordpress plugin and the ability to A/B test messages and learn the best way to encourage your readers complete a purchase or to join your list.

Do you use any of this tools? 

What audience Building tools are using ?
let me know in the comments section below. 

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