17 Things bloggers really hate.

Yeah you read it right, writer's also have many things that they hate too. and today i'm sharing them with you. 

1. procrastination.

Though it's a common problem among not just writer's but among many different people from different backgrounds.

I think we writer's suffered the worst part of it because we  procrastination is something that everyone has and want to stop or get rid of,

(if you say you don't it's because of the level of measures you are taking to avoid it but believe me you have it no matter how small it might be.)

but it just doesn't seem easier, there are many ways to get around procrastination  which i talk about in my post on How i stay motivated as a blogger.

2. You got stuck with just a simple word that you  can't recall and you loose the incentive to write for the day.

3. Best ideas come when you have no way of writing them.

4. Something sounds so right in your head, but as soon as you write it down you realize how ridiculous it really is.

5. When you got confused between the words "being" and "been".

6. when someone wants to have conversations halfway through a great post.

7. When you have four wikipedia pages to research one line of fact.

8. Too busy researching content to write.

9. When you have to publish a post after one week of research.

10. A blank page stares at you.

11. The editing process.

if there is anything more tedious is the editing process and i know many of you might relate to that.

12. No one comments on a blog post you spent hours or days on.

13. Using your phone to write a draft and you end of deleting the whole thing and the damn editor doesn't have an "UNDO" button.

14. When you write a blog post that request your readers opinion but no one was there to comment.

15. When someone finally comments and all he says "nice work".

16. When you have a word with  diffrent synonyms and just don't know which best describe the context.

17. When someone take a look at your draft before publishing.

This are some random things  that i think bloggers hate if  you relate to any one of this or have anything to add feel free to leave a comment down below.


This shouldn't stop you from writing more content you can check out my post on how i stay motivated as a blogger.

or check out 60+ blogging tools to boost your productivity.

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