Building a Personal Brand to stand out professionally

Getting noticed for the dedication and showing hard-work for the job is not enough these days,

There is a lot of difficulty in setting yourself apart from the crowd, especially if almost everyone has the same general ambition

You might not appreciate the option of staying in your company, unbranded. you have to create your own job security, and branding is part of that.

Personal branding could be the difference between being noticed to not.

Not being online today is akin to not existing.

Do you know that social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook (on which, yes, I have profiles) are providing a great way for companies to find people and people to find jobs?

But how do I present myself?  how do I survive this so-called "self-branding" world that has turned people's life into products ( more like self-bragging like I use to call it. ) 

What if you are so overwhelmed with social media !!! 

Now here is the thing:

1.  Develop the idea of a Foxship

Start small use the most recommended social media by job-search specialist something along the lines of  Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 
Join groups and like pages that are oriented towards your field engage and observe the discussions,
but don't go all crazy with those social media  if you feel you have something thoughtful to say  chime in with your opinion  

2. Find your perfect niche. 

Having joined social media  is not enough you need to determine your values and passion

 i.e what you believe works with you as a person what's important in the way you live.

That's is the core of who you are as a person prioritize your value that will make you determine the vision of your personal brand.

Passion and value might sometimes overlap in meaning which if combined together will help figure out your perfect niche.

You might even consider taking an online personality-test to know whats makes you stand out from the crowd.

if that's not your thing then consider asking family and friends for their honest opinion start by asking them which adjective they'd use to describe you.

3. Building your personal image.

1. Sprout an Email signature that is unique to you.

2. Get your message out to the world by having great-content in your personal Blog to build credibility.

3. Connect with your audience on a more personal level by having a professional headshot on your social media.

4. Bring on some magic ingredients.

Imagine for some unknown reason your Boss left the job and the new Boss is not aware of all your outstanding achievements, what do you do to outshine others and reserve a seat in the front row of your new honcho?

You look for a quality that distinguishes you from others, that quality that someone else doesn't own.

If you are a sales manager invent a new way of closing a sale in half the usual time it takes, although it takes creativity if you are an entrepreneur or an innovative professional.
Try to do things the opposite of what people expect.

To build a credible and strong  personal brand, you have to share your personal experience by telling your story  about possible  encounter's you had at some events, wove those stories elegantly into the conversation, 
Won You Audience trust, and for that to happen you need to be :

Likable, Genuine and Passionate,
Your audience should be able to see you as an expert without telling them that in so many words.

What do you think about personal Branding let me know in the comments section below


  1. Very well written. Great tips.

  2. Hi neecee B 👋 thanks for stopping by!!
    glad you enjoyed the content😁


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