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Blog post is an essential part of every successful Blogger , you can't possibly be a great blogger without Blog post , just like important elements of marketing strategy is the development of an ideal customer profile.

Talking about blog post not just any blog post but a well-written , organized content and the kind that target the right audience provide value, solve a long term problem that’s what i'm talking about.

Now here is the thing :

You might write about Top take-aways from whatever , myth &facts or even advise from experts but the bottom line is to get your audience to read it , acknowledged your thoughts or even made a few sales ,

Not every post is going to get your motor running. Some posts will feel like a chore, but if you have editorial control over what you write about, then choose topics you'd want to read.

So to get over all of this i have compile together ways to get you write your blog post in more less-boring way (sometimes writing can be boring even with the topic you love) so let's get started....

1. Pick a topic you want to write about.

There are many reasons you would like or not like to write about a topic but some are indescribable , for me there are topics that i personally don't want to write about not because i don't have the knowledge to write about them but because i just don’t feel like writing them ( maybe there is a little passion in there ) but the important thing is to pick a topic you're passionate about.

2. Research more.....

The No.1 key i consider when writing a blog post is that i am not perfect , so though i might have an in-depth knowledge of what i want to write about but i make it a point when writing a blog post that i don't know anything so i start researching for that particular topic just like a normal person trying to know something until i feel comfortable with the knowledge i had consume on top of the one i had then i start writing.

3. Outline your work.

Outlining your work really save you alot of time when writing a blog post , it's a rough idea that keeps you on track to make sure you don't ramble on and on about something nearly unrelated , outline keep you focused on the overall structure of your post.

4. Proof check facts credibility

Your credibility and authority will take a major hit if you publish inaccurate information, and even if you have a blog with millions of loyal readers, your regulars will be all too eager to jump all over your mistake – just take a look in the comment sections of publications such as TechCrunch to see how quickly this can happen.

5. Use images

Using images can come in Handy as they help to explain things more better, it's great for user-experience and the reader is more likely to remember an image demonstrations than a chunk of words.

6. Write a catchy blog post title

you might have the great content but writing a catchy blog post title is inevitable if you want people to click on your post , it plays an important role in increasing CTR.
Before we jump to types of blog post to run a successful Blog lets first look at the Blog post title formulars

Why You Need A Powerful Blog post Title ?

Blog post titles are important when it comes to Search engine optimization (Seo) , i know you might have come across this alot especially if you are being curious about the whole SEO thing , but there is a reason this is being talked-about most of the time Because of the constant policy amendments from google and the spikes in number of bloggers , recently there has been alot of newbies in the field of blogging and i have seen quite a lot of people using the wrong keywords in their post , like what's in the body is not even related to what in the post titles.

So i've compile a fomular to make this works

What you should put in mind when writing a blog post titles and what works

This might be something that you might experience yourself but have you ever notice that when you did a search on google although the first result have the highest probability of getting clicked but you tend to choose the result that is most intriguing and captures your eyes the most.

That is why if 10 visitors see your blog post title 8/10 people will first read the title and only 2/10 people will read the article. Hence writing a blog post title that grabs eyeballs is very necessary if you want to get more traffic.

So for that reason You should definitely have a targeted keyword phrase, preferably a long tail keyword.

Keep in mind that when you write a blog post title for SEO, there is another half to the traffic equation. The way a title grabs a visitor.

What you should include in your Blog post Title.

It really depends on what your blog post is all about and what information you want to share with the world But you should narrow down your keywords and it usually comes down to this 4 steps to consider in deciding your blog post title

1. Informational

people use this alot when they want to find information about something and they use words like :

2. Navigational

usually used when people want to find a name of product or a particular brand like google , facebook , wordpress and a handful of other's

3. Commercial

Words like pricing , review ,top , best, comparison are very handy in commercial .

4. Transactional

In Transactional as you might have guess words like buy , coupon , order , purchase , cheap , price will save alot of time .

But still Using only this keywords is not enough the title has to offer them some form of benefit, and it has to draw them in.

Which would you rather read ?

Best Status updater's
15 Amazingly status updater's in 2020

Of course the last one not because of the power of the adjective (amazing) in there but it also promises the reader that the status updaters are amazing .

Getting traffic is tough , keeping them engaged via good blog post title on your blog shouldn't be that tough. (But it is) Luckily there are few tips and tricks to write a blog post title that works. Rather than doing your own trial and error method, I have collected tips from all across the internet and presented in an easy to understand manner.

There are many other ways in which you can optimize your post title which include:

1. Using numbers and negative words in blog post title.

2. Having a specific headline not a generic one.

3. Headline should match the content of your blog post

4. Odd numbers perform better than the even numbers

5. The blog post title should be under 65 characters

6. Avoid words with multiple meanings

7. Include power verbs and interesting adjectives

8. The title should be interesting enough for to make the user to share it with friends.


“Number / Trigger Word Adjective Keyword Promise” strategy

Let's take an example

23 Unbelievable Ways To Stop Eating At Night

This is a perfect example of a blog post title that includes:

1. Number – 23
2. Adjective – Unbelievable
3. Keyword – Stop Eating At Night
4. Promise – It promises the reader to stop eating at night So do try out the formula and come with viral blog post titles!

NOTE : People are always online looking to find a solution , If you can produce content that answers there question then that would definitely drive traffic to your blog.

Always start by doing keyword research finding out what people are looking for.
Perform solution based research Next, once you have narrowed down the keywords you'll be using , be sure to add them within your blog post title.

When people do a quick Google search they are more likely to click on search results that include the keyword they typed into the search bar .

Let’s move to the second pace of this post which is the possible Blog post types to Run on your Blog

1. Listicles blog post

The most common one , obviously its even the most shared post on social media ,
the best part is you decide what you want to post you might post a list of all your favorite foods , places you visit or even coffee brands you ever tasted there is really no limitations to write a list post .

2. ' How To ' and Guides blog post

Also common , people are always online asking thousands of questions everyday just take a look at quora newsfeed to see that in action, so as long as you can provide valuable information then you can always stay on the loop.

3. infographics

yeah !! you can create a blog post Spending a few hours creating charts that help you explain things and win people over that , inforgraphics are like images people most likely remember them than a chunk of word , as long as you convey the message in the right way.

4. Reviews blog post

One that i'm sure almost everybody is , we tend to read reviews before buying or purchasing anything so why not take that advantage of that and made a review post about something you think is important to your readers and make a review out of it.

5. Comparison blog post

After having your industries important tools ,book or whatever its time to make a comparison try to find alternatives to the most common things around your industry and make a blog post about it.

6. Conferences

yeah !! maybe you recently attend a seminar, try pointing out speeches , presentations and other inportant things that is been discussed and go around to make a blog post with the best approach.

7. Top ' Take aways '

Recently finished a book? Good , try to write a blog post about your top take away's from that book.

8. Tools you think your audience might be interested in.

Try to write about tools that you think might help your readers take their blog to the next level , it might be a recent tool you have used and you know how effective it is , then this is a great chance to talk about it.

Know some other blog post topics to write about let me know in the comments section below.
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  1. I really enjoyed reading this article, it contains so much helpful information! This post also reminds me of a survey I created called 3 "Questions Bloggers Want to Ask Their Audience." I'm hoping it will give insight into what people want to read about.

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    I will be revisiting your blog very soon, I truly enjoyed your content! :)

    1. I am so Glad you enjoyed the content.
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