60+ bloghing tool to boost productivity in 2020
60+ Blogging tool to boost productivity in 2020

Whether you are just starting out or you have spent some time in blogging and you want to drive more traffic , write better sentences ,craft a better headline that grabs the eyeballs, discard complex chunks of paragraphs   ,implementing a strategic On-page SEO , track your blogs analytics and you are looking for a way to increase productivity.

Well i can say Blogging is not Easy ,rather Blogging is one of many responsibilities, i used to remember the time when i almost  spent week on a single blog post,

Trying to write better quality content sometimes i stare at the damn computer screen for almost 20 minutes experiencing a bad case of writer's block,

The Good news is now i can write blog post almost five times a week but i keep it simple i publish 3 out of the five and schedule the rest for next week.

 So in this post i will walk you through A bunch awesome blogging tools that i used [ actually not every one of them but got info from very reliable sources about the rest ]to boost my creativity and productivity.

  I have manage to make this into diffrent categories to make it simple to follow,  Let's  Dive right in !!!

  • Content promotions blogging tools
  • Productivity Blogging Tools
  • Web-hosting Blogging tools
  • Keyword research Tools 
  • Audience Building Blogging tools
  • images and Visual identity Blogging tools
  • project management Tools
  • Other useful Blogging Tools

Content promotions and social media  blogging tools

sometimes social media can be overwhelming but what can we do, we all want to engaged with our audience , 
Buffer publish is here to help us schedule social media post  with its story planner, shop grid and first comment.
You can plan your instagram stories ,connect your link in bio with multiple urls viewed on a shoppable page ,include a first comment when you schedule an instagram posts it also offers Hashtag planner , stories and post analytics to measure the performance of your post and storie.

Ever wondered how to unite your social media campaigns in one platform with your teams , schedule and publish content to the right channels at the right time.
Give  your team the right management and permissions to your social content.
with hootsuite you can manage all social content on a collaborative calendar , its easy for teams to create engaging social media content for ever social network , schedule post to fill in the gaps in your calendar.

Addthis landed as a blogging tool on our list because of the major contribution it offer our post in social media their social sharing button is tempting enough to give your reader  a reason to share your post in just literally one click, not only the social media sharing button but you can populate follow button across your pages ,related content bar to keep your readers moving to the next article and of course email list sign-up   pop-up's.

The best blogging tool and a wordpress plugin with  social share buttons that wont hurt your seo it works in a lighting fast speed and wont slow down your page loading speed .
you can add socialSnap in different format in your page like floating bar, sticky widget and pop-ups.

A blogging tool that will let your embed that part of your post that you want to go viral on  twitter. it comes as a minimalist wordpress plugin .

With quu and quu promote blogging tools bloggers sign-up to have their content vetted on quu promotes program and you can get daily content recommendations from the different niches you choose  to share about on your social media. the best part is you can schedule to share this content on regular schedule.
it a win-win for both content curators , stakeholders and bloggers.

This blogging tool comes in handy when you want to know the shares count of your content across the most popular social media sites to help you identify which type of content performs best on a particular social media site.
in addition to that you can use BuzzSumo to track the performance of content in a specific niche or around the web.

Twitter topics is a newly launched feature in 2019 that allows users to select and follow trends they are interested in from a list of topics, and your newsfeed will keep you on the loop about that topic you follow.

Productivity Blogging Tools

A blogging tool that helps you find the perfect ideas for you next blog post, just type in 5 nouns about the topic you want to write about in the search bar and then click "Give me blog ideas"  , you should see a five auto-generated blog ideas.

A similar blogging tool to Hubspot Blog idea generator except this one is intended to be shocking and funny ,it might not work for all brand but if you're looking for a boost in social traffic portent's content idea generator  is your go-to.

Creating branded images has always been easier with canva.
This blogging tool allows you to choose from a bunch of available professional template both paid and free to create branded images you can also upload a photo or choose from its existing built-in phot gallery and start editing.

 Just like
David Ogilvy said "On average, 5x as many people read the
headline as read the body copy. When
you’ve written your headline, you’ve spent
eighty cents out of your dollar."
so Creating a headline that grabs the eyeballs is imperative , luckily  Co-schedule's Headline analyzer will help you create the perfect headline you just type in your headline and it will analyze and rate your headline based on Easy to digest  , emotional, and how powerful your headline is and it will give you actionable tips on how to adjust your headline.

helps u write good sentences with its mistake-free   email, text message or even ,it can also look for some common grammatical error or misused punctuation marks all it takes is just copying your text and paste it and grammarly will do the rest they also have an android keyboard to keep you in the loop .

The most common mistakes most newbie bloggers make is writing lengthy complex sentences therefore overwhelming the reader and they leave their blog without even reaching to the bottom ,so to avoid that , thats where Hemingway app comes in handy it highlights all lengthy complex sentences , dense and complicated sentences it even help you get rid of adverbs and weakening phrases with a highlighted blue  background , red for dense sentences , yellow for complex sentences and green to show  passive voice.
all u gotta do is paste in your text or compose a new one right away and hemingway will do the rest.

Emv headline analyzer calculates the  emotional value of headlines, using the practice to make your audience remember, respond ,notice, and  share your post , this blogging tool analyze the emotional word in your headline and give it a score , a score between 30% to 40% will help your blog post stand out in  SERPs .

This blogging tool is a wordpress plugin that offers suggestions based on SEO analysis to add keywords , internal links ,meta description and URLs.

it also helps in content readability to avoid complex sentence structures just like grammarly this blogging tool offers suggestion to improve sentences structure, reading level, grammar and much more.

This Blogging tools is one of many bloggers favorite , a quick question
Have you ever wonder if there is a way  you could just magically copy your draft post to your wordpress website  without re-formatting everything?
Well wordable actually does the magic it comes as a wordpress plugin which you can simply install, once you have signed into wordables you can instantly export your google doc draft into a wordpress page or a post in literally one click.
seriously give it a shot !!!

This blogging tool is the best productivity app that i have ever used as it helps me get back on track from all the digital distractions.
Do you know that 10 minutes distraction on time sucking sites or app can turn into hours ?
well focusme has got you covered with its powerful force mode you can blacklist any time sucking website or app for as long as you wish , and save more to for more productivity.

Have generate a bunch of blog ideas from various platforms and tools ?
and want to stay organized with your ideas ?
 That's where trello comes in, a free (but there is a paid version) visual collaboration that's ideal for task management , you can easily create a card for you blog post and any other additional notes, assign them to writer's add a due date and create a checklist for each assignment.

This blogging tool comes as a chrome extension.
nowadays we have become more obsessed with emails more than just we can imagine as i personally checked my inbox frequently  in the morning , during the day ,at night and  pretty much any time i got some free time whether its 30 min after my last check for new messages,
until i stumble across inbox whenreadyforGmail so rather than answering every single email, inbox whenreadyforGmail has a feature that lets you batch process emails to minimize the time you spend on every single one by adding a "show inbox" and "Hide inbox" buttons , also set frequency on how many times you want to check your emails in a  day and of course set time limits for each email.

A blogging tool by Hubspot to create the right content for the right people, 
make my persona from hubspot will walk you through the process of building  a buyer persona for your ideal customers to create content that addresses their goals, behaviors and concerns.

A crowd-sourced Question and answers website where you can ask questions and get answers from anyone, Quora is not just an online community building platform but it is also a great place to find key ideas for your blog.

With quora you can easily figure out which questions are ask the most about a particular topic , how many people are following that questions , the way people answer that question and much more.

Web-hosting Blogging tools

currently wordpress powers more than 35% of websites on the planet and a highly flexible platform for blogging , wordpress.org has over  50,000 plugins and 30,000 themes which you can leverage to customize your blog with the exact look and  feel you want .

Ghost is content management system and a blogging tools worth looking at  with it's more light weight cms that is dedicated to blogging , built-in seo tools , out-of -the-box email subscription and responsive layouts make it a wordpress alternative to easily create and managed blogs.

Keyword research Tools 

ahrefs is an seo-analysis and backlinks tool to help you anlylize your website for seo issues , help you monitor seo health overtime.
Ahrefs is trusted by SEOs and marketing professionals worldwide as the ultimate tool-set for SEO

Analytics is one of the ways we measure our web performance on the internet.
Google analytics is the most widely used analytics service on the web it is used to track bounce rate , pages per session and session duration (the time a user spent on our website ). google analytics is also smart to track where a user come from , how long they stayed on the website , geographical locations and even custom visitor segmentation.

monsterinsight is a google analytics plugin for wordpress it ability to provide an
 analytics report right inside your wordpress dashboard, 
see who is online what they are doing ,
track ads and affiliate links ,
monitor post and pages to  see which is more popular,
1-click Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking for WooCommerce,
 Easy Digital Downloads & MemberPress , 
EU Compliance (GDPR Friendly),
Enable Google Optimize for A/B testing, adjust speed & sample rate, and several other advanced features.
 these features makes it the most powerful user-friendly google analytics plugin for wordpress.

One of the thing that i am obsessed about when i first register my domain on google search console is to track my ranking position until i finally stumble across serprobot which is a free google serp ranking checker to get some insight about how the competitions is going on in the industry.

From competitor monitoring , keyword rank tracking ,marketing planning to advanced traffic analytics , with its paid extensive webaite audit function this blogging tool is quickly becoming an essential part of my friends workflow although i have not started using it yet, but it's on top of my list this coming month.

An alternative to keyword planner ,Twinword helps you discover keyword that are relevant to your content instead of jotting down keywords or going through a bunch of keyword ideas twinword will help save your time by given you the most relevant keywords for your content.

Sometimes we need to do a little background check on our competitors before we take our next course of action ,Similarweb is a website that provides it's clients with statistics on their competitors website referrers , traffics ,keyword analysis and demographics.

Can i rank is also one of many seo software  it uses artificial intelligence to give you specific action it's diffrent from it competitors by providing  a DIY instructions or the ability to request a consultation with an seo expert with just one click

linke miner is a google chrome extension that higlight all the broken links ( 404 pages )within the website you are viewing.
once installed you can easily fix that part that is hurting your seo.

Just like many other page analyzer Seo web page analyzer is a blogging tool that will  analyzer all the page on your website and give it an overall seo score with some practical seo advice on where you need to make some seo implementations.

Semrush blogging tool is a tool for keyword research , traffic analysis , keyword rank tracking, site audit and more.
finding long-tail keyword that you can possibly rank for organically is easy with semrush, discover main paid search competitors and find out which keyword they are bidding on , study regional presence and composition of your competitors ads.

There is no point in implementing all of those SEO strategies that we have talked about if your website is not even in search engine,
This blogging tool not only add your website to google search index but also show you real time analytics of your website on google to understand how your site  appears in google in tes of click-through rates and highlight possible problem areas like crawl errors  , html errors and backlinks, and opportunities to boost your blogs visibility in SERPs.

A simpler alternative to semrush is google keyword planner ,keyword planner is design specifically for ads but most blogger use it for their content (me included) it lets you enter a keyword and it will auto-generate the keywords search volume and a bunch related words and phrases.
but you need to have google ads account to use it.

I personally use Google trends blogging tool  along side keyword planner and any word i found on keyword planner i run it through google trends to get an insight on how it's search fluctuates over time ,specific region performance , what are related topics and queries.

Want to discover the new way of using your analytics data into action?
This blogging tool provide recommendations based on AI ,alongside supporting data to let you know why  this improvements are necessary to improve the  performance of your blog post , contents ,CTAs ,email campaigns and landing pages.

This blogging tool lets you measure you performance data in one dashboard ,instead of logging in to multiple tools to sre how your data is performing.

Audience Building Blogging tools

Want to know some information about your website visitors Albercross blogging tool allows you to monitor and gather information about the organizations behind your website visitors including industry location ,revenue , size and even contact details.

with this kind of details you have more than enough resource to do email marketing campaigns and build more partnership.

This blogging tool help you monitor which blog post should be optimized and which topics you should be writing about ,to promote your content in targeted facebook ads, instagram ,linkedIn and google ads with its free ad tool.

it also include email marketing ,live chat , forms , reports and more. You can include CTAs to sign up for a blog newsletter.

Hubspot blogging tool or rather blogging platform integrated with it's  highly reputable marketing , sales, CRM and service tools.
with Hubspot cms you can preview your post to see how it looks on different device before you publish , personalize content based on specific criteria you have stored about your contacts, add a live chat to the front of your site and create search engine optimized content.


This Blogging tool literally scour the internet for different email addresses ,with hunter you can easily get email addresses associated with different companies as it allows you to enter a domain name of your choice and it will do all the magic and bring up a result with email addresses associated with that domain.

with its bulk feature you can upload a list of email addresses or contact for a larger scale outreach

and the best part is they have a free plan which allows their clients to make 100 searches per  month which i think is more than enough for your project .

 A landing page builder by Growthtools this blogging tool allows you to create a beautiful and elegant landing page,
 With it's easy user interface you can choose from a handful of ready-to-use templates to create an amazing landing page for your blog.

It pretty much resembles Hunter ,in hunting emails but norbert also lets you run email campaigns with an integrations with other tools like  mailchimp,hubspot and salesforce .
it also well-known for it's outstanding  lead validation strategy.

Norbert has a chrome extension which you can easily hunt for leads on the go.

Best Blogging tool to connect with influencer's or even build relationship with other bloggers in your industry.
Simply enter a topic to find the top blogs you definitely should connect with and ninja outreach will bring all the stats, traffic figures ,  seo metrics and even the contact info of people you should reach out to with your collaboration idea.
Guest posting is part of a very powerful strategy in getting back-links and more credibility,
Want to know whether a website that you follow accept a guest post ?
 well then with ninja outreach you can easily see if the target website accept guest in its features  column.

Want makes content creators love clearbit?
This particular blogging tool lets you validate and personalize your emails in confidence with its integration with Gmail once clearbit is installed you can click on a particular contact and you will instantly get a mini-dialogue box with information about  him
 like their website , company they work at and of course a short bio.

The next Blogging tool Mailerlite , is an email marketing service usually recommended for new bloggers who are just starting out and don't have that much on their list because with its free plan you can get up-to 12,000  emails per month for free and a list of 1,001 subscribers. and as your blog scales you can either switch to one of mailerlite paid plan or any other one i mention on the list.

There are many free email marketing tools available out there that you can start using if you just starting out but these tools has limitations like mailchimp you got only 2000
subscribers with it's free plan but as your business grows that wont be the best blogging tool for the growth of your email list that's where covertkit comes in handy with features like automation , segmentation , design your landing pages , automated emails ,template for your newsletters and sequences that generate more revenue they also have a plugin with wordpress which you can integrate in a minute.

Sumo blogging tool lets you activate your email subscriber form even if you don't have any coding skills you just activate the form and watch your emails list grow while you sleep.
sumo has abunch of other tools.
 like image sharer, higlighter and social sharing buttons letting your post get shared across social media
With sumo's image sharer you can give your audience the ability to share your post images on social media , much more sumo highlighter make it easier to share some part of your post by highlighting it for other readers to see and also tweet about it.

As a blogging tool optinMonster can be integrated in any of your pages their opt-in form is  smart enough to perfectly blend in with you blog layout, it also comes as a wordpress plugin and the ability to A/B test messages and learn the best way to encourage your readers complete a purchase or to join your list.

Images and Visual identity Blogging tools

loom is a blogging tool that is very effective in capturing high quality screen-share tutorials it also capture direct to camera from your computer. 
quickly share your videos with its publicly or privately options with just one click.

Pichi a blogging tool for Mac that is used for resizing an compressing images achieving up to 95% compression without an obvious drop in your image quality in  a matter of minutes.

Adobe photoshop is an unrestricted image editing and customization software.
it can be kind of difficult in the first if you have never experienced it before ,its wide range of customization options to edit can be overwhelming , but its great if you know how to use it.

Visme a free online design blogging tool that lets you create infographics, blog images ,social post and much more without any complexity by choosing from hundreds of template to kick start your journey.

Design the perfect logo for your business with logaster online generator creating more than 1000 creative logos each hour .
This blogging tool  also offers other visual assets like website redesign , new media kit, stationary and more.

Having images in your blog post is crucial as blog post with images gets double the shares compared to those that don't.

Unsplash has a massive free-stock photo library which you can use on your blog post,
their library boast a collection of  800,000+ photos from photographers across every aspect of life , you wont be disappointed in finding the perfect images for your blog using their powerful search function.

As you have build authority and your  blogging grows you will want to make some extra cash by selling an online course then Teachable is your go-to online course builder , all you got to do is create your content , then design a sales page using teacherble's simple builder and connect to your PayPal or stripe account and your are ready to go.

Youtube have millions of people  that asked question every single day ,watch videos and subscribe to the channels that gives them the most value it almost the second largest search engine on the planet , that's  why you should consider it as your top blogging tool that you focus on 
Here are some youtube  ideas to implement:

1. Creating a step-by-step video that walks
 through a process readers want to learn about .

2. create a video on the latest happening in the industry.

3. Interview an influencer or someone  of high authority in your industry if you can find one.

4. Turn your popular blog post into videos.

5. share stories within your blog niche .

Adobe rush blogging tool is the company's most recent video editing product which lets you Turn your blog post into visually appealing videos for your youtube channel  by using adobe rush with its features that lets content creators to edit,shoot and share online content quickly.

Rev blogging tool is your go to for video or podcast transcription or subtitle with a foreign language for your video that start to get attentions from foreign countries.

This blogging tool offers a premium subscription to a high quality lifestyle images , you can play around with it's over 4k photos library archive.

When writing blog post that walks your audience through a process its important to annotate images with arrows that will point to the exact spot you are talking about or include some icons ,
This blogging tool helps you achieve that easily but you will need to have an evernote account to use it.

Got no professional editing experience but want to create different types of media for your blog like videos .
This blogging tool actually lets you achieve that with design wizard you can create diffrent medias , graphics and videos for your content with hundreds of templates to choose from.
You can even download and customize for your blog for as little as $1 , or download up to 60  designs per month with a paid plan.

Project management Tools

Want to have a one-stop blogging tools collection on one dashboard ?
Wishpond have a bunch of tools that include a social media tools,an online advertising dashboard, chat bots ,email marketing, lead management, referral campaigns, landing pages, forms, call tracking and more.
the best thing about wishpond is after signing up you get a marketing executive to help you through every step to execute a successful marketing campaign.
wishpond will help look for optimization yo need to make on your site and help you stay in the loop for latest trends in the industry 

Wordpress themes.

It goes by the saying content is king but when the design of your blog is amateaurish most people wouldn't give your content a chance therefore having an elegant looking blog would play a major role  for your blog success

best theme for elementor is a free, lightweight and  best for customization and performance. or you can go with the  premium version called Astra pro with woocommerce integration , better header and footer design , more side layout options and a 1-on-1 customer support and more.

with a friendly user-interface you can easily create landing pages using it's drag and drop simple editor, design high-quality pop-ups and customize your wordpress website in every aspect.
it plan starts at $49 per year there is also free plan with limited features.

Other useful Blogging Tools

Gtnetrics is a blogging tool that lets you analyze your blog speed on desktop and mobile with a score , and way to improve your website speed.

This blogging tool also comes as a chrome extension that analyze and crawl through web pages to check the health of your link (broken links ) typically reporting within 20 to 30 seconds.

It's time to figure out which Blogging tools are right for you ?

 I know it can be  overwhelming staring at this bunch of tools, but take your time and follow through the list to find the perfect one for you.
 Still have  Questions regarding a particular tool post it in the comments and i will do my best to share my opinion.


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